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server and network failure alerts by email and sms

fyi: server uptime monitor and alert service -
Internet Server Monitor Service is the advanced version of for users with more demanding requirements. Tests are available for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, TELNET, SSH, PING or TCP connections at monitoring intervals down to 1 minute. Email blacklist monitoring for your mail server, domain name or ip address blocks(/24) is also available.

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Reliable Alerts

All monitoring is performed in parallel from multiple test server network locations at every test interval. Only the failure of all simultaneous attempts on a particular test cycle are interpreted as a true failure of your target. Upon a failure, a retest is scheduled in the next minute. This system ensures highly reliable alerts that are resistant to false positives. Setting a suitable alerting delay can further suppress transients so that alerts are only sent when you must take action.

Flexible Configuration

Be alerted immediately by email or sms text message whenever your site has problems. Be first to find out about network outages, server outages, server overload, dns configuration, or ssl certificate problems.

You can add as many sites and users as you like. You can tailor default, backup and emergency alert schedules to your preferences.

A current history of your site's performance is also sent to you automatically by email daily. It's a quick and easy way to track all your sites in one place. see uptime alert and report samples here ... You also have access to a graphical view like the uptime performance graph samples shown here ...

Easy Information Sharing

Sharing information about your uptime is easy and secure. Just enable web publishing and a publication quality uptime and performance summary report will be generated daily. The url contains a strong cryptographic component so that you can choose whether to make it completely public or only share it with a select few people. A sample report is here.


We also monitor important sites that provide network services to your web sites. These include credit card payment processing gateways, affiliate networks and advertising networks.

As a subscriber, you can choose to receive additional server alerts for the external ecommerce services which might affect the speed, availability or performance of your web site. advanced dns services enable the site to be served from multiple geographically distributed data centres for the best possible response times.