server monitor and alert pricing

All new accounts start with a double up bonus offer. Additional services are available on a prepaid basis. Purchases of usage credits are made through the account control panel in the subscriber area.

Subscribers may use as few or as many credits as they desire. Detailed credit usage reports are available in the account control panel.

$12.50 per 50 service credit package

Purchased credits remain valid until used.

fyi: server uptime monitor and alert service -
what this means ...

All services at exactstate are charged on a pay per use basis. You pay only for what you use, when you use it. There is no fixed monthly charge. You decide when to top up your account.

This is the complete price list, no hidden charges of any kind. Credits are for 30 days of service except for alerts which are charged per alert.

20 minute monitor      1 credit     ($0.25/month)
10 minute monitor      2 credits    ($0.50/month)
 5 minute monitor      4 credits    ($1.00/month)
 2 minute monitor     10 credits    ($2.50/month)
 1 minute monitor     20 credits    ($5.00/month)

 1 sms alert           1 credit     ($0.25/each)
blacklist single      15 credits    
blacklist bulk /24   480 credits    

If you have a very reliable server and monitor on 20 minute intervals, you will pay very little for monitoring. Your total cost for one month of monitoring will be just $0.25. Or, just $3 per year.

If your server goes down that month, and you get 3 sms alerts, add 3 sms alerts @ $0.25 each. Still very reasonable for a whole month of service!

Use the 2 for 1 bonus offer to cut your cost in half.

So, check out the free bonus offer and sign up today!